Hasami porcelain

The Hasami Porcelain collection is a modern interpretation of a time-honored Japanese tradition. Designed by contemporary artist Takuhiro Shinomoto, the artful, minimalist forms were designed to be equally practical, each piece stackable with others of the same diameter. The collection uses a unique mixture of porcelain and clay, and is produced in Nagasaki Japan. The region has deep history in ceramic-making, dating back four centuries to Japan's Edo Period.


La Rochere

In 1475 Simon de Thysac was granted the right to found a glassworks at "Les Rochiers" and today it's the oldest continuously running glass factory in Europe producing beautiful and sturdy heavy glass products in the historic traditional method



Life is not just about people. It is about living in harmony with nature. In the island nation of Japan, traditional wisdom called for people to live according to nature’s cycles. It is not enough to consider our short time on the earth; we must contemplate the health and prosperity of the environment that will be home to future generations one hundred and even one thousand years from now. The true meaning of environmental awareness is understanding how to interact with nature and how to live truly sustainable lifestyles.