Palazzina Container - Seletti


The Palace Collection, designed to save space through stacking modules, reveals elegant building elevations once all the pieces are assembled together. Palezzina features 3 floors that cleverly conceals 3 containers. The first and second floor of the building offers deep and generous storage, the third floor offers a smaller vessel while the roof is elevated on four chimney "legs" and has a shallower basin. When these containers are not in use they can simply be stacked together to display the engaging design in its entirety. Too beautiful to store away out of sight, leave the Palace Palezzina Container on the kitchen, bathroom counter, display shelf or even as a dining table centerpiece until they are needed again.

Product Features:

Food safe / Microwave safe / Dishwasher safe
Overall: 3.3"W X 5"D X 8.9"H
Ground Floor: 3.3"W X 5"D X 4.5"H
Top Floor: 3.3"W X 4.9"D X 3.1"H
Roof: 3.3"W X 4.9"D X 1.8"H
Material: Ceramic

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