Candle Stick - Seletti


Ever wish you had a candlestick that you could customize? Well, today is your lucky day. Thanks to the creative folk at Seletti you can keep your dinner guests highly entertained between courses with this gorgeous candleSTACK. Never gets old. Stack away stackers. 

About the designer
Since establishment in 1964, italian design company Seletti has contiued to differentiate themselves with creative flair and a dash of irony in homeware and object design. 

Seletti products are designed from the (designer) heart to bring fun and functionality as well as obvious beauty to homes around the world. 

Today the company is run by the family’s first and second generation: Romano and Maria with their children Stefano and Maria. In the company’s 30,000 sq.m. of production premises in Cicognara di Viadana, the team design, develop, create and market Seletti. 

Materials: Wood and metal 

Size: 15cm x 34cm

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