House of Hackney

Palmeral Wallpaper - Off White / Azure - House of Hackney


PALMERAL is an Art Deco-inspired patio print featuring an explosion of palm leaves reminiscent of 1930s Palm Springs. The print pays homage to Loddiges, one of the world’s largest palm houses based in Hackney during the Georgian period. Once a Mecca for tropical plants, it was the original inspiration for many of the species at Kew Gardens today. Bring the outdoors into your home with this fresh foliage print.


Collection: PALMERAL
Colour: Off-White / Azure
Print method: Digital
Paste method: Paste the wall
Roll dimensions: W: 180 x H: 300cm


Single roll comprising of 4 x 3m lengths, each 45cm wide. Wall coverage per roll is 5.4 m2

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Additional Info

To achieve the best results, we recommend using 'Solvite' wallpaper paste and applying this directly to the walls. Our wallpaper is made from wood pulp with added textile fibres to make it strong, dimensionally stable and easy to hang.