Grown Alchemist

Strenghtening Shampoo & Coonditioner


Grown Alchemist Strengthening Shampoo 0.2 is ideal for damaged hair. This strengthening and protecting shampoo is suitable for hair that has been mistreated due to heat styling, chemical processes and environmental aggressors. The gently cleansing formula works to not only strengthen the strands but the follicles too, leaving hair looking healthy, hydrated, soft and shiny. Key Ingredients: Hydrolyzed Baobab – Increases hair’s resistance to chemical, heat and UV damage. Eclipta Alba Flavanoids – Helps to care for the hair’s growth whilst strengthening strands. Calendula Flavanoids – Increases growth rate whilst conditioning and nourishing. Avala Oil – Strengthens the hair’s roots.

200 ml

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