And Tradition

LP6 - Black Brass -&Tradition


Metal in all its states... Danish designer Lex Pott presents us the True Colour Vase collection, an outstanding work on metal oxidation. When a metal gets old, it is oxidised and changes its colour. The designer uses different chemical products to accelerate the organic processes of natural deterioration of metals. Each vase consists of two differently coloured parts of the same, but differently treated metal: polished and oxidised. Such variation displays the natural colours of the same metal in its different states. The polished metal, smooth and shiny, contrasts perfectly with the oxidised metal, sulfurated and mat, which looks like worn out by time. The designer gives a kiss of life to an object by sublimating rust, oxide and wear and tear. This project shows the beauty of material through the evolution in time, often perceived as destruction. The oxidation shows off sublime green, blue or ferrous shades... Raw and precious at the same time! Vases from True Colour collection are made from different metals (aluminium, steel, copper, brass) in order to show the texture richness and endless colour variations offered by the process of oxidation. Each vase has a combination of two unique colours, inherent in the metal used.

Colour: Black and brass

Material: Brass

Size: H: 16 cm, ∅: 6.5 cm 

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